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Sunday, April 30

Are Drugs Going To Be Legal In Mexico?

Mexicans would be allowed to possess small amounts of cocaine, heroin, even ecstasy for their personal use under a bill approved by lawmakers that some worry could prove to be a lure to young Americans.
"This law gives police and prosecutors better legal tools to combat drug crimes that do so much damage to our youth and children," said Fox's spokesman, Ruben Aguilar. The Senate approved the bill Friday in the final hours of its closing session. Mexico's lower house had already endorsed the legislation. The bill now only needs President Vicente Fox's signature to become law and that does not appear to be an obstacle. His office said that decriminalizing drugs will free up police to focus on major dealers. by Steven, Mark AP I can't believe I just read this! I think people will now be given a pass to do wrong. Sad. I'm sure others will object.
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