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Friday, April 21

Brad Pitt Is The Man!

If everyone, actually people with major dough, were like Brad, we'd have a better world. He is actually sponsering a design competition for parts of New Orleans that have been affected by Hurricane Katrina. A panel will choose six finalists to rebuild parts of the affected areas. It's a great idea Brad. Millionaires and billionaires should come forward and sponsor schools in the urban areas, specifically in the poor neighborhoods. They should sponsor residential buildings specifically for the homeless. I can come up with a few more, but you get my drift. By the way Brad, what's up with that hair?! I like you better with the golden locks you used to have in your "Legends Of The Fall" days. Now that you are with Angelina Jolie, you seem to dress less like you and more Billy Bobbish. Does she like you like that?
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