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Tuesday, April 4


Everyone has a time in their lives when they come across a movie that shakes and strokes the soul. Such was Brokeback Mountain. Not to sound horribly dramatic and cheesy, my viewing of this movie was an experience. Let me tell you, I contemplated buying a cowboy hat and a saddle after sharing Jack and Ennis's journey through self-discovery. Come to think of it, if Jack and Ennis were able to emotionally fuse into one person, it would surely be me. My sister has yet to watch it, but I know that when she does...she'll be clamoring for the nearest Cowboy Shop to purchase me a pair of well-deserved spurs... Yesterday was the official release of Brokeback Mountain on DVD. For all the homos out there who can share my passionate love for this flick, show your loyalty by buying your copy today. I even had heterosexual men questioning their sexuality in theaters across America because of an unusual swelling in their jeans. Don't hate it, congratulate it...

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