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Sunday, April 2

My Morning Glory...

Goodmorning Ya'll, as Britney would say! I can't believe I am blogging! I never thought I would do such a thing, but hereI am, blogging away, trying to make sense of it and the night I had last night. I had an
unwanted visiter (Mickey) at my bedroom doorway, trying to scratch
his way in, in hopes of finding something that wasn't there. To no avail,
he gave up after waking me up nearly ten times! I finally fell
asleep, with one eye open. Anyways, I am looking forward to better days and weather and ice cream trucks waking me up at night. I look forward to the smell
of exhaust fumes seeping through my bedroom window at
night, in hopes of a nice cool breeze. I really look forward to the
sounds of small cheap dualled muffler cars racing by, setting off all
the car alarms on my street! This mornign it seemed like all was
quiet in poop land. I say poop because my city, is not the most tighty
city. It was so quiet that I actually couldn't sleep anymore!
Who would have thought the quiet would keep me up, lol. I read some email from my favorite Bro, the only Bro I have.
He makes me laugh mostly everytime I open one of his emails.
He is very witty and sarcastic, I love it! He sent me a link to a short video about a prank done on April
Fools Day. I found it pretty funny. In the midst of laughing my ass off, my son, mocking me, laughs just as much, only he is not genuinely laughing at the video, he
is imitating me, laughing. It must have been amusing to him.
My laughing outbursts are always fuel to run his little brain
on thoughts of how to mock Mommy! Anyways, here is the link to that video:
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