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Wednesday, April 5


As a New Yorker since the day I was born, I consider myself a swift fellow living in this Concrete Jungle. As someone who's constantly traveling from point A to point B, I depend on the NYC Transit System as a main vessel from Brooklyn (where I live) to Manhattan where I shop and pretty much like to pepper with usual visits. I've used the subways much of my adult life and realized that over time, you learn to leave all sharp personal objects home. The temptation to shank a fellow passenger can be overwhelming when you're compressed into a smelly car with no room to breath or blink. I know that I'm hardly the first person to complain about the subway system and how jam-packed it can get during rush hour, but has anyone noticed how manners fly out of the window faster than I can say BOTTOM FEEDERS? My really close friend (and main fag-hag) Denise once had an experience where she was riding alongside what was obviously an extremely tired woman. This chick so kindly decided to rest her greasy-ass head on my friend's arm for comfort. Now, Denise is known for throwing elbows when necessary...and this situation called for a NECESSARY REACTION. So, for all the people reading this article who don't have a clue of what I'm talking about, please remember to shower in the morning and put on a double-dose of deodorant before commuting among the civilized.
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