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Tuesday, May 16


Oh gosh, where do I begin? For the past eight years I've been watching one of my favorite television series evolve with emotion and in-turn capture my interest in everything mystical and wicken. Charmed has been more than the usual tune-in and tune-out show on my list, it's been an emotional rollercoaster-of-a-ride from it's inception to it's impending finale. These three wickedly wonderful women have engulfed my ethereal soul to the point of yearning to be included in as the fourth CHARMED ONE (before Billie came around that is). Charmed will make it's curtain call this Sunday, May 21st. As it comes to a somber end, I can't help but ponder how I'll miss the majestic Piper, and how she was tormented with the pain of being in love with the amazing White Lighter Leo. When Piper cried...we cried. And by "we" I mean Dee and I. Denise has been right there with me on this magical journey, as Paige was introduced to the Halliwells as an unknown sibling, after they lost their eldest sister Pru (damn Shax). We even collectively witnessed Phoebe going through as many physical changes as Madonna. I'm sure Dee and I will substitute our loving loss with another series, but nothing...and I mean nothing can come close to the fantastic ride that was Charmed. Camped out on Dee's carpet, immersed in magical madness will surely be missed. Here's to Piper, Phoebe and Paige for making our Sunday nights a blast. Literally. By Ed Bro (Source)
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