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Tuesday, May 2

Gala For The Gals, Kids And Water Bubbles For The Guys

Jude Law plaing with son Rudy, 3 at in Malibu. Aw, how cute. David Blaine submerges himself in a round tank, in New York's Lincoln Center, for a week. What?! Then, he will hold his breath for longer than 8 minutes, 58 seconds to try and beat the world record. Lindsay Hohan promoting her new movie Just My Luck at L.A. boutique Kitson on Saturday, as well as shopping. Wow, she can do two things at once. Tom Cruise loves the paparazzi. Here, he is at the premier of his new movie Mission Impossible III Gweneth Paltrow has some me time. She shops at Prada's Madison Avenue boutique on Monday. Jennifer and crack head, I mean Mark, at a A-list Met bash. Poor singer(Mark Anthony) looks smashed or high. Lindsay the Olsen Twins and Sara Jessica Parker go to the Metropolitan Museum's star-studded Costume Institute gala in New York City on Monday. The Olsen Twins look like they just got done playing dress-up with their mom's clothing and makeup.
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