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Monday, May 22

He has more shoulder padding here than in the 80's! What the freak? He's hot but the clothes....kill him now!!! Lol. Here, James Marsden is in NY playing the role of a a prince in search of his true love in Manhattan. The Movie is called enchanted and it's about a fairytale gone awry.

Beyonce needs fashion help!

Beyonce making her entrance at the Cannes film festival......they showed a 20-minute preview of her musical Dreamgirls. Americans will have to wait until Christmas to see the former Destiny's Child singer on the big screen.

Mother's Lover...

*Something for my Kieth Urban loving Mother!*: Keith Urban gets his motor running at the 3rd Annual Academy of Country Music Celebrity Motorcycle Ride in Las Vegas on Sunday. The Aussie singer – and Nicole Kidman's fiancé – takes the stage Tuesday at the ACM Awards, where he's a top male vocalist nominee.

Grease Lightning!

Jessica! Where is your motorcycle? Here, she looks as though she is getting ready to play a part in a new version of Grease, if there ever was a re-make, not a role in the big-screen version of the popular 1980s show Dallas, that she is reportedly mulling an offer over.

She had a baby...what?

Brook Shields looking like she never gave birth to her second child...she looks great. By the way, I think this girl is like 40! She looks better than I ever did.

Pretty in anything, that biatch!

Jennifer Aniston in Santa Monica for her film The Break-Up on Friday (the romantic comedy opens June 2). Vince Vaughn, her beau, arrived separately, later that day.

Madonna babay!

Madonna, Sunday during the first night of her Confessions world tour at the Los Angeles Forum. Among the night's controversial moments, Her Madgesty hung herself on a cross and screened images of President Bush juxtaposed with Adolf Hitler. You go Material Girl! Do what you do best!!!

Halle n Rebecca show off there white pre-fabricated smiles...

Halle Berry and Rebecca Romijn having a good old time at a press event for their movie X Men: The Last Stand at the Cannes Film Festival on Monday. Their movie opens stateside on May 26.

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