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Tuesday, April 11

Jennifer Sues...

Jennifer Sues ex husband Ojani Noa for violating a confidentiality agreement they had by showing his manuscript to different publishers, The Insider reports. A letter says he was willing to refrain from marketing his book only if Jennifer gave him five million dollars. I guess she didn't pay him the big bucks. He decided to go ahead and let publishers take a look at his manuscript, in hopes of getting it published. Money can't hide our dirty secrets under a rug. No matter how you try. Suing someone for money they don't have is mean. He's just trying to tell the truth. But then again, why would he do that to you? I guess because you fired him as a manager from your Pasadena California restaurant for no cause? As told by the article I read. Check out the article in the link below for the full story.
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