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Sunday, April 9


Growing up with a bunch of sarcastic/witty friends, it was a staple in our clique that our jokes and personal insults remained at the top of the heap. Yo momma jokes have been around since I can remember and all of us at one time or another became subject to a Yo Momma battle. Recently, Wilmer Valderrama (of That Seventies Show fame) has created an MTV series of just that. It's called Yo Momma. Many kids and young adults are gathered from all around the country (mainly urban neighborhoods) for a battle of the wits. Now, it's no surprise to my friends that I've liked Wilmer for some time now (he's hot), so it's inevitable that I'll be watching his show for a daily dose of jokes...and...err...quick clips of his cute ass. Enjoy. Yo momma.
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