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Friday, April 7


Sony Computer Entertainment has officially delayed the release of it's much awaited Playstation 3 console (damn them to hell) until November instead of it's planned debut in March. The head honcho of the Playstation 3 (Ken Kutaragi) finally conceded to speculation and rumor circulating around the internet suggesting that Sony wasn't going to release the system as planned. According to Ken (I swear he's testing my nerves), more work is needed on it's next generation DVD technology named Blue Ray. I couldn't care less if it was named Billie Ray, just release the damn thing already. Sounds futuristic doesn't it folks? I've seen the clips for future Playstation 3 games such as Metal Gear Solid 4, Gran Turismo 5, and the one I've been eerily fantasizing about since I completed the Godly Resident Evil 4. Well it's the incredible looking RESIDENT EVIL 5 of course! Whatever the "problem" might be, it's imperitive that they find the necessary tools, coupled with a huge army of nerds and geeks to remedy this "Blue Ray" situation. On the RESIDENT EVIL front, my sister Nat isn't too fond of games that contain themes of horror and gore (my 8 year old nephew is waiting to get his hands bloody) but she manages to satisfy her son with a plethora of age-appropriate games. What a Mom. And as for my haggy Denise...come November, I'll be camped out on her living room carpet horrifying her with the likes of my newly purchased RESIDENT EVIL 5. Turn off the lights BIOTCH!! The UNDEAD are coming...
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