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Monday, April 3

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly

Mornin ya'll! :) I have to say, I love Regis n Kelly in the morning, 95 percent of the time. They are real and funny. Kelly is a more in depth person than Regis is. He can be funny, but Kelly tops the man. I admire her down to earth personality. I don't know... something about their genuine personalities has me hooked. Now, don't get me started with Ellen! Let me re-phrase! I love Ellen in the morning, but 100% of the time! She is real and corny and funny. Love her monologues and how she so cleverly jokes about the simple things in life. She makes a paper clip funny. "Love it!", as my favorite Bro would always say! Anyways, I didn't hear Micky last night. But I know he is around cause I am experiencing a tickle and a sniffle up north. I cannot believe the things I put up with here in poop land. The apartment is nice but, hey, if it's not the car fume smog, it's the blaring sirens at night, or the unwanted visitor from Disney Land! Well, it's my time to give your eyes a break for now. Later to ya'll! Britney, Britney bo Britney! Lol.
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