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Friday, April 21


Will And Grace has been a staple in my scheduled television viewing since it's introduction into NBC's evening line-up. Amidst the stomach cramping laughter, the knee-slapping honks of joy, and the tears running down my face from violent chuckling, I feel like I've grown with the cast. Between Karen's inebriated and drugged out fits, to Jack's animated sarcasm and flair, there was a special lunacy to the cast. The chemistry was HOMOLICIOUS to say the least. Now, unfortunately I must be the bringer of bad news. It saddens me terribly to say that my gem-of-a-fag-fest is coming to an end. No more Will and Gracey. I can't imagine NBC without Will And Grace on their Thursday line-up. Everything out there a street whore working for that $TWENTY$. I must give an honorable mention to REEBA though. It has great potential. Nat and I love it and so should YOU. Get with it. JACK AND KAREN ROCK YO!! WILL AND GRACE FOREVER BISHES!!
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