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Friday, April 14


Maybe it's just me and my warped thinking, but when I imagine Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes having a baby I can't help but make an instant comparison to Rosemary's Baby. Tom's handling of this whole relationship with what seemingly resembles a little girl (it's a Circus folks) gives me an icky vibration all over. For all the horror freaks who have seen Rosemary's Baby, you must know what I speak of. For those who haven't seen this amazing horror flick, I'll spit it out in Leiman's Terms. It's about a man who gets his wife pregnant so he can spawn the child of Satan (unbeknownst to her). The similarities between this creepy movie and TomKat floors me. Tom (a Scientologist fanatic) and Katie (an innocent little lemming) are bound to inspire an infamous sequel. Maybe the semblance of it all can open our eyes to their oddity and awaken our God given right to say no to cults. Katie...JUST SAY NO!!
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