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Wednesday, April 12


If you're an avid gamer and know your history of games, then you'll recognize when a film is adapted from a video game. Unfortunately previous game-turned-movie efforts have been either ridiculous interpretations, or just plain old turds. Silent Hill the video game has spawned a couple of sequels and has been a constant rival with other known "Survival Horror" games such as the exquisite Resident Evil series. Apparently the Silent Hill franchise has garnered enough clout to make the transition into film. Silent Hill the movie, at least from the trailer and sporadic clips available on the web, looks eerily promising. I've spent a copious amount of time playing the Silent Hill games and have been scared into turning my living room light back on, so I can only hope that it's movie cousin can come close to the game's feel and look. The movie is in theaters 4/26/06. Turn off your lights bishes!!
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