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Tuesday, May 23

Celeb Juice

Heather Locklear looks great for a 75 year old women! This girl, Kirsten Dunst, pale as ever, hasn't had a baby yet, but as you can see, she will have ripples of stretch marks. I'm bad, hee. My eyes! Have they deceived me? Oh ma goh! Terri! WTF? Hm... Cuba has big feet! Newlyweds Torri Spelling and Dean McDermott arrive in Los Angeles Saturday from their honeymoon in Fiji. Rumors have been swirling that the couple who tied the knot on the South Pacific island on May 7 are expecting a baby. You can tell...her boobs are not skinny anymore, but she still has that strange gap. Also, the hands on the belly are a dead givaway.
Fashion photographer and pal David LaChappelle swoops Pamela from her pedestal. How cute. Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody from the O.C. I'm jealous. I like her shoes, jeans and bag. Oh No! What happened to my Ashton? He gained a ton. Ya know, Demi isn't doing him any good. She is robbing him of a normal childhood, cause you know, men have a longer period of childhood than we do. It lasts until about the age of 35. How small are her fingers? Lol....and her lil dog too! She looks like her bitch! Jennifer and Vince kept there distance at the Los Angeles premiere of their new romantic comedy, The Break-Up. Hm...I wonder what's going on here? Jen needs to get back together with Brad! Make it happen Jen. Tell Brad you are ready for kids now. He seems to be! Eddie, what do you think about Taylor now?! Lol. Katherine can't make an ugly face even if she tried, that biatch!
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