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Friday, May 5

Celebrity Juice

Sara Parker, Lindsay Hohan and Eva Longoria are all dressed like old ladies. I think these pants are in style. Don't know if I like them yet. They might grow on me. That's it! Will someone tell me why this style exsits! Short leggings and heels? Under dresses or skirts? Oh Ma Goh!!!! They (Molly Sims, Rihanna and Drew Barrymore) look terrible, to say the least!Jessica Alba, Mariah Carey and Kelly Monaco are all chained up! Yikes, I don't like that look. Cheap. Those 80's days don't seem to leave us! These girls, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton and Ashanti are dressing the way I use to dress, back in the day. Striped over jeans, yep, that was the 80's. Pink was in Tokyo Thursday promoting her new album I'm not dead. She will head to Australia next, then to Europe. You sell those albums girl! George Michael and bo-friend Kenny Goss (more like Gross) on a date for the London screening Wednesday of the documentary George Michael: A Different Story. On getting married, "I think we'll just do the formal legal thing and then we'll have a party," he said on British TV. "But no one's going to be getting into a dress! Neither of us has the body for it, you know." WTF?!!!!!! This guy cannot dress! But I bet he sure thinks so. Gwen Stefani, what happened to your fashion sense????? You usually know how to dress, even with your pregnancy. Don't let it happen again! Ya here me?! Demi Moore after leaving a gym Thursday, heads to a tanning salon. Wow, Demi, you are whiter than white. You need to ask for the "burnt toast" special! Cortney Cox, David Arquette and daughter Coco visit David Blaine in his bubble. It's amazing how much weight she lost. I remember not too long ago how huge she was. Good for you Kirstie. You must inspire a lot of people.
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