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Thursday, May 4


I'm well aware that smoking is a naughty and disgusting habbit, but I do enjoy a good Marlboro or Newport from time to time (at least 7 a day). Sure, it'll probably make me all wrinkly and old-looking, but I just don't give two flying freaks. After a nice puff or two from the good old ganja, I look forward to a nice cancer stick to cap off my buzz. After dinner seems to be another must-have moment for a fag (that's what they call a cig in Europe dammit). Yes, this fag enjoys a fag every so often and will quit when he damn well pleases. So, for all you smokers out there being pushed around and told where and when you can light one up, this is for you. Denise...I'll see ya tonight with cigarettes in tow. SMOKE IT UP KREEP!!
posted by Natalie at 2:38 PM


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