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Tuesday, May 9

Celebrity Transformations

Kelly Osbourne looks as though she was blowing on a thumb in her mouth!
My Brad! You look like that Earl guy form that show. What happened to you? Go back to Jennifer! You need her class and expert fashion sense. Put an end to the Billy Bob days already!
What the freak?! Who's the drag queen on the left??? Oh, it's Miss Murphy cakes (I tried to think of a cool drag name...didn't happen). Hillary Muff should always wear bangs and smile as though she ate something that day. Good job Hillary, on the pic to the left. Don't get me started on the pic to the right! Oh Ma Goh! Don't get me started with this one! I am getting pissed off with these damn Mr. Magoo sunglasses already. Especially when walking sticks are wearing them!
Alicia Silverstone. What happened to her lately. The once popular dumb blonde is now a brunette. What's up with her mouth?
Why is this biatch(Sienna Miller) always in the tabloids? Who is she really? Who cares! I don't like her. Plain n simple. Scarlett Johansson needs serious optical help. Another one that is just creepy.

Wow, her face is like porcelain in one pic and not in the other. Also, her eyes are different in both pics. Nice changes though.

This girl (Jennifer Hewitt) looks like she has giraffe-like tendencies with her long hair, yikes! The short hair is much better. Now all you have to do is spend some money on an upper lip! Beyonce! Please tell me you had a falling out with your hairstylist. Get another quick. My eyes! Will Smith tests the bald-is-beautiful theory. Jessica transforms herself three times in one week. keep this up girl, and you will have no hair by 30 years of old age! [source]
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