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Monday, May 1

In the news...

David Blaine is going to attempt an underwater stunt. I think he's suppose to stay under water for a long while, then, after coming out, he will hold his breath. What's up with that? It doesn't quite make sense. Has it been done before? Does he want to beat a world record? That's what I hear. Pic source Ellen walks aways with three Emmys, one for best talk show,one for best talk show host and the other, not sure. She's the best. Her comedy is genius. She's silly and original. That's what sets her aside from the others, I think.Pic source People .com Headlines Madonna Heats Up Desert Concert Kellie Pickler's Dad Gets Out of Prison Don Johnson a Father for Fifth Time Lost's Michelle Rodriguez Out of Jail Stones' Keith Richards Injured in Fiji Top videos 1. Hips Don't LieShakira 2. What You Know?T.I. 3. Hips Don't Lie (Fans Onl...Shakira 4. TemperatureSean Paul 5. What Hurts The MostRascal Flatts AP top news From verizon Yahoo homepage U.S. Prepares for 'Day Without Immigrants' Sen. Biden Suggests Decentralized Iraq Rebels Reject Draft of Darfur Peace Deal Talabani Hopeful After Meeting Insurgents May Day Demonstrators Rally Across Asia
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