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Friday, June 2

Celebrity Juice

Anna Nicole Smith is finally putting to rest rumors that she's pregnant – by confirming that she is with child, as she reveals in a video clip posted on her web site. Poor kid. He/she will have a nut job of a mother.
Since May 31st, Ricki Lake has been hosting the CBS summer series Game Show Marathon, in which celebs like 'NSYNC's Lance Bass and Kathy Najimy compete for charity in classic game show formats such as Let's Make a Deal and The Price Is Right. She is no longer with her husband of 9 years. Here, she's with new beau Apollo Yiamouyiannis. What a name. Anyways, Her old talk show was great. I think she needs to do something along those lines again. She is missed. Chloe Sevigny with the wise guys from the Sopranos. The season finales of both Big Love and the Sopranos will air Sunday. Beauty and the beast. Naomi Watts and beau Liev Schreiber kissing....iew! Nicole Richie gets cheeky with airport employees. Notice the 10 foot long feet? Oh ma goh! Eddie, that McDonald's food did her no good! It was a salad! Janet did a great job on her body but I don't think anything can be done about her face. Ironic....the singer is in town to shoot a music video for her new album 20 Years Old, due out in should be named 60 Years Britney says "broom broom" while she speeds with a Porsche Speedster convertible and a Thursday.
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