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Tuesday, July 11

Celebrity Juice

Drew Drew Drew, this is considered fat in the eyes of the industry, so join Kelly on her venture below.
Kelly Kelly Kelly. Don't you know your career will come to a screeching halt if you don't loose weight? No more HoHo's and bare feet. The commercial pop listeners are wicked and move on pretty quickly. So why don't ya pay a visit to Nicole Richie and ask her how she did it.
Something my son would say...She (Nelly Furtado) looks like a female version of Baraca! Just look at her face! "Trailer Trash" clothing becomes her. Just kidding Eddie, lol. Kate Beckinsale and daughter Lily go for a bike ride in Santa Monica Ca, on the coolest bike I've ever seen. I want it! How nice. Jesse Metcalf and mom Nancy take a walk on malibu beach. He has mom's nose. Jesse is in an upcoming film called John Tucker Must Die, opening July 28. Ashlee Simpson smiles for the camera's as she steps out with friends through the Soho shopping district. Beyonce's good looks don't compliment her monster boyfriend. Oh my, the 80's belt is back. Beyonce's video for her new single, "Déjà Vu," premieres on MTV's TRL
Lindsay Lohan and costar Garrett Hedlund filming a scene for the drama Georgia Rule in Beverly Hills on Monday. In the film, Lindsay is a rebellious teen who's sent to live with her grandmother, played by Jane Fonda. [source]
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