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Tuesday, July 11

Kate Hudson attends the premiere of You, Me And Dupree in Los Angeles with a dress her grandmother gave her. KateHudson, Owen Wilson and Matt Dillon at the premiere afterparty in Hollywood. Owen, please, nose job! I finally found a bad picture of Angelina. Hee. Quack! She looks a little ducky here. Anyways, she will be lending her voice for a animated movie called Kung Fu Panda, due for release in May.
Her character, Tigress, will teach martial arts to Po the Panda, who will be Jack Black. Angelina will be in a movie called The Good Shepherd, directed by Robert De Niro and costarring De Niro and Matt Damon. Matt Damon! Oh MA Goh! I will fly in on the Premiere where it takes place and be the first to be there! [source]
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