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Saturday, July 8

Celebrity Juice

Paris adds Madison to her animal collection. Paris, you are not spending you money in the right places. The Hollywood pet store is not going to give you that much needed nose job. Drew Barrymoore and Gavin? Oh Ma Goh, it's Gwen Stefani! Wow, she has fooled me. She looks like Drew here. I here she visited the Pitt-Jolie clan recently. Wonder what that was about. Stay tuned for more info on the famous Pitt baby and her family.
Courtney and David in London. I still can't figure out why Courtney chose to be with this strange dude. Perhaps humor plays a big part of it. The humorprobablybeing the clothes he sports and the silly smirks he makes for the camera's.
Lindsay lays in Malibu with bea Harry Morton, the 25-year-old owner of the Pink Taco restaurant chain.
Lindsay gives the paparazzi and others a vulgar view of her unmentionables! The hairy beast in her peripheral vision is probably considering himself a lucky dude. Lol. Eddie, This girl is full of herself. Look at the left pic. If that's a stretch, then you know she is one for practicing even her stretches in the mirror before she attempts it on the beach. She poses the stretch. I don't think she is actually benefiting from it, although the leg lift is beneficial in the sense that she is getting fresh air where ho's need it the most. [source]
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