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Sunday, July 2

A Case of Roseola

I thought you'd like this article on Rosie and Star Jones

Rosiegoestomadonna Remember how Rosie O'Donnell penned "everybody breathe / madonna / 2 nite" on her r blog yesterday? Well, she's a man woman of her word. And Jossip ran into Rosie at Madonna's Confessions concert stop last night at Madison Square Garden. (She must travel the country seeing Madge shows, like Deadheads follow the Grateful Dead: She was front and center at Madonna's opening night here in LA.) And she was breathing.

"She was there with wifey Kelli Carpenter," reports Jossip, "and outfitted with a total-access press pass, lugging around an enormous SLR camera – we went for the jugular. 'So what's up with Star Jones?' we asked. 'I'm not at liberty to discuss it,' Rosie replied with an exaggerated wink and nod."

Moments later, when asked whether she was upset she won't get to cohost on The View with Star, she said coyly "Well, you know how much I like her, [but] she thinks she's Beyoncé."

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