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Thursday, June 29

No Solo Brad Pics :(

The hype that is Brad And Angelina is not amusing anymore. I can admit, it was amusing at first, but now, when I search for new pics of Brad, the homewrecker shows up with him attached to her hip. Come on now! Enough already. Brad, move on to the next one already. Angelina is destined to be with Collin Ferrell. I've said it before, in my earlier posts. "They are a good match". They both are conceited to say the least. Sure, she is a Good Will Embassador, but just like a lot of unknowns. She just happens to be famous and therefore she gets all the attention on her good will. She is an ok actress and has a unique face. Not so special. People, let her go and especially the paparazzi. Take photos of Brad alone please! Thanks. (Like they are reading this, lol.)
Brad, call Jennifer. [Pic source]
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