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Friday, June 23

Celeb Gossip and Britney's Black! says she was stumbling here. She looks like she is about to strike a pose. This biatch (Jessica Simpson) can look beautiful even during a stumble. @#%&^$#(#^@%!%$!!!!!!!! Any lower and her beaver will be saying hi too! Oh Nelly is getting ready for a 20-date club tour to promote her third album Loose in July. Morticia/Claire Daines is channeling Gwenyth Paltrow in this wanna-be cool in black get-up. Liv Tyler is back in Hollywood mode, shopping, being a celebrity for all to see, after her Mommy time with 1-1/2-year-old son Milo. Nicole/Madonna attends the Devil Wears Prada premiere Thursday in L.A. This is something Madonna would have worn in her 80's days! No? She looks ten feet tall here. For a split second, I thought this was Angelina Jolie!
Britneys black! She is going through what mostly every pregnant female would go through. Hair frustration! I remember this clearly. I wanted to change my hair drastically during my pregnancy. It's the hormones, I guess. Her son must have thought , " Who is this biatch holding me now? It's not my nannie, or my dad's secret girlfriend, not my grandma or my Auntie Jamie Lynn. It must be a Angelina wanna-be!" [source]
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