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Friday, June 16

Britney Speaks Out

After a self- imposed hiatus, due to raising her son Sean and trying to distance herself from the paparazzi, Britney chooses to speak to Matt Lauer about how she is fed up, fearful and distraut about the paparrazi with there lack of respect and out of control behavior when they see her. She speaks out on behalf of herself and her family which aired last night on Dateline, NBC. She speaks about how one minute she's laughing and the next minute she's crying. She blames it on hormones. I'd blame it on the paparazzi!Britney attempts to defend herself when asked about what really happened the day she had her son on her lap. She becomes emotional to the point of tears as she explains to Matt what really happened. Matt Lauer continues to ask her about another incident... in which she had her son in the position as seen above... and just breaks down. She says she has been portrayed as an unfit mother and defends herself by saying "she isn't perfect and there will be a hundred more mistakes."
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