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Friday, June 9

Oh ma goh! Is it Jessica or Ashlee? Lol. Everyone and there momma has this bag! Paris is a singer now. Next, she will pull a Jessica and star in a bomb of a movie. this # 3 for you or do you just like the pregnancy dress look? Cool dress if you were prego. Sean P. has had enough foe the day and is giving the paparazzi the "I'm ready to sleep, I'm outa here" peace out sign. "Later peeps". How cute is that Brad Pitt! Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey? An unlikly couple? First came the sightings, then the rumors. Now a source close to the two finally confirms it: Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy are indeed a couple. "They are very happy," the source tells PEOPLE. I can see how these two got together. The primary attraction no doubt would be there comedic personalities of course. It's the most likely culprit. I think it's refreshing to see him with someone who is more like him than all the other women he has been with. They had the baby and now pictures of her are worth millions. What a great thing to donate the money they receive for a great cause.
Angelina's face is different but still beautiful. She looks tired but is looking well I think. Brad looks better than ever. He is the epitomy of HOT and bay Shiloh is cute...with lips as big or maybe even bigger than her mother's. Lol.
The family plans to leave Namibia soon, so that Pitt can begin filming Ocean's Thirteen.
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