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Friday, June 2


This article is dedicated to all the cats who plot and plan devious sneak attacks when you least suspect it. They're coy and cuddly when their owner is around, but as soon as they're left without owner supervision...they attack. Such a thing takes place when I come to my haggy's house (Dee). When I visit her home to catch up on recorded TIVO events and shows, I usually crash on her couch not knowing what awaits for me during the night. The beasts she lovingly calls Cheech and Chong (more like Lucifer and Demon) come out shortly after I've gone to sleep to wreak havoc. As they walk across my forehead and prance towards my feet, they decide to feverishly work at severing one of my unsuspecting toes. During these plotted attempts for my demise, I barely have the strength to fight back, or scream for help. All this takes place between the hours of 3 and 4 in the morning. I assume that's the witching hour. In the end, I've come to believe that maybe Cheech and Chong should in fact be eaten. The world would be a safer place and I'd still have 8 of my toes...By Ed Bro [source]
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