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Thursday, June 15

As The Hollywood World Turns...The Beautiful People

Naveen Andrews and Jodie Foster check out one adorable extra Wednesday on the New York City set of their dark crime-thriller The Brave One. Andrews plays fiance to Foster, who seeks revenge after being attacked. Naveen seems pre-occupied..Perhapss checking out another bitch! Looks like Lindsay has been working out. Here she steps out of her meat packing(hee) district Hotel for a liitle ME time. Here is Jennifer Aniston as she arrives at the London premiere of The Break-Up, looking awsome as usual in her 100th black dress. Poor Nicole Ritchie doesn't know whether she's coming or going. She doesn't know whether to leave him or dump his ass(DJ AM). Somebody give her a clue. Leo DiCaprio can do no wrong in my eyes except this biatch! He needs to dump the egghead model and find mua! "Look at me me dance-walk with my flowy, silky 1970's dress...I'm the dancing queen ." Lindsay turns the tables on herself. From dance-off to spin-off: After her early morning showdown with Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan doesn't miss a beat on the turntables Wednesday at a friendly Gap-sponsored deejay competition in the Big Apple. Gwen and Gavin (love those names. If I ever have another boy and have a girl, I'd name them Gwen and Gavin) take son Kingston (born May 26) for a sunny stroll in Los Feliz, Calif., on Wednesday. I know this is old news according to Hollywood, but I couldn't resist posting these photos and giving you my opinion on Shiloh..and Brad of course! How gorgeous are Brad and baby Yoda aka Shiloh? Angelina is wondering how she will tell Brad it's not his baby. It's the long awaited daughter of Yoda. Those numbers on Jolie's arm? They're the latitude and longitude for Maddox's birthplace, Cambodia (top row), and Zahara's, Ethiopia (bottom row), according to Shiloh has an uncanny similarity with yoda. Especially in this photo directly above. I actually see a resemblance. The ears, eyes and sparce hair are the similar characteristics. No? Zahara is totally ready for her photo shoot! Lol. [source]
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