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Tuesday, June 13

Denise is a Pussy...Ashlee's Amazing Nip Tuck

I read an article that I thought is blog worthy: Denise Richards was invited to celebrate the 1st year anniversary of the Pussycat Dolls at the Pure nightclub in Caesars Palace. She partied with a gaggle of gal pals in much-admired brief bikinis in a private luxury cabana at the new Venus Pool Club in Caesars during the afternoon before the show. This is my new divorcee’s outfit,” she said after changing into her sexy silver rhinestone top, black-beaded mini-skirt, black motorcycle gloves, fishnet thigh-highs, garter belt and red high-heeled spiked shoes. She didn’t sing, she didn’t dance and how she kept her head straight with all those extensions is another wonder-yet fans raved as she strutted her sassy stuff at midnight on stage to introduce “8 gorgeous girls and 16 sexy long legs that make up the Las Vegas Pussycat Dolls.” The cheering got even louder when she made an even hotter wardrobe change into a skimpy white-sailor themed costume for a spin in an oversized champagne glass. Pussycat founder, Robin Antin, joined her on stage (see photo album) for the celebration with Ashlee Simpson, Lance Bass, Simon Rex and Bill Bellamy among the VIP audience. For the record, there was no sign of either Charlie Sheen or Richie Sambora! After her 30-minute appearance, Denise relaxed with friends in the Pure nightclub (see photo album) until 2AM switching between Grey Goose vodka, grapefruit cocktails and water, Also there were San Antonio Spurs basketball hero Robert Horry, NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon and NFL stars Tony Gonzales and Junior Seau.

Ashlee does a Jessica... Amazing transformation...into her sister? Lol. The chin is a little witchy. Ya need to go back for another nip-n-tuck Jess...I mean Ashlee, Lol. Here is another article that's interesting from the same site that wrote about Denise:

One picture is worth a thousand words, and now everybody has figured out just why pop-singer Ashlee Simpson has been hiding out of sight the past three months. Just compare the Luxe Life photos from October when she celebrated her 21st birthday as a guest Pussycat Doll at the Pure nightclub in Caesars Palace -- and when she returned this weekend to watch Denise Richards become a guest Doll! "You can say it’s a whole new look," laughed Ashlee when asked about extensiveplastic surgery. I’m at a place in my life now where I am pretty chill -- everything’s really good.” One of her business friends told me. "It’s a coming out party. She's been laying low for a while recovering but now she's able to show the world how great she's looking." [source]

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