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Friday, June 16

The New Ashlee: Compared To Sis And Others

"We have a new Ashlee," the younger Simpson (left) told Entertainment Tonight of her long blonde look, now being tended to by Ken Paves – the stylist pal who gave Jessica (right) (like we didn't know) her signature locks. Jessica will always have her Daisy Dukes (right), but Ashlee takes her Dickies even lower onstage while on tour in Los Angeles. Jessica (right) was first to get a handle on Louis Vuitton handbags – even taking hers camping. Now Ashlee is carrying the luxury logo regularly (left, in Beverly Hills), and has an LV travel set too. These glasses below are really pissing me off! Actually, they only piss me off when the clone of Barbie's lil sister, what's her name?... aka Mary Kate or Ashlee wears them. Here she is above-right. It's Barbie's younger cousin. Or was it her sister? I can't remember the name. Anyways, if anyone can remember....let me know.
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