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Sunday, June 18

I wonder...that skank!

Jennifer: I wonder what Brad is doing right now. I am so bored here with this one.
Vince: I hope she isn't thinking of Brad. I am good enough for I? I think I can make her happy. Jennifer: I can't believe I am here watching a game. I hope Vince doesn't notice my red nose and cheeks. I am on the verge of crying. Oh Brad, I miss you and want you still, you bastard! Why did you have to leave me for that ho. She is a home-wrecker and a skank.
Vince: If she is thinking of Brad, I'm gonna bitch slap her. Nah, I can never do that to my Jennifer. I love her and will take her as she is. I'm a somewhat good looking guy. She should love me just the same. She better or I'll just cry in silence to myself, right here right now.
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