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Saturday, June 17

In Honor Of Father's Day

"Bo's the best dad," says wife Caroline of the American Idol star. "He'll just sit and stare at Aidan. He loves him with all his heart." And the singer loves letting his son (born Sept. 24) take center stage. Says Bice, "Hopefully we'll get a guitar in his hands in a year or so." Aw how cute.
Oscar nominee Heath Ledger is already intent on giving his daughter Matilda Rose (born Oct. 28 to girlfriend Michelle Williams) a regular life: The family lives in Brooklyn, N.Y., where the actor is in a state of new-dad bliss. "I just fall deeper and deeper in love with both my girls," he told Oprah Winfrey. They're never too young: Last month, Stewart brought his son Alastair (born Nov. 27 to fiancée Penny Lancaster) to meet the American Idol contestants when the singer appeared on the show. "I recently said to someone, 'You're looking at a contestant in 2026,' " says Stewart (who has six kids from previous relationships). Rod must have a big Rod to be impregnating these young chicks at his age! Gavin takes the reins. Gwen is still in maternity node when it comes to fashion.

"I love to feed the baby," says Trump of son Barron William (born March 20) "Not because I have to, but just because I love it." And the real-estate mogul (who has four other kids) doesn't even mind losing a little shut-eye. "I don't sleep much anyway, so if he cries, that's fine." Yea right! Picture this...Donald feeding his son while on the phone with a stock broker. That's the image I see when I read this tid-bit on him and his son Barron.
"It's like you went on a job interview for the best job in the world and you got that job," says Drew Lachey of becoming a father on March 23. And wife Lea says her husband has absolutely fallen under his daughter's spell. "He's amazing and gentle and soft. That's my favorite thing, to watch him with her."

Kevin spends time with Sean .

Now she is a cuty. Ben Affleck enjoys a domestic life, says a pal source close to him. Seal is looking at him with confusion. "How did this child come out some-what cute?

Moms that don't pass down there genes...

Somehow, this child managed to escape his fathers genes. Haleluja! He doesn't seem to have his mother's genes either! WTF?Meg Ryan and her daughter are from different countries. Literally. Meg adopted. Unless she had a great grandmother of Asian decent or her ancestors perhaps?

Lindsay and Paris kiss and make up. Yeah right! I think they just made up. No kissing involved. Sorry guys. In your dreams.

Oh Jessica. What will you do next for the money? She is in character as a dumb red head. Perfect for a Maxim cover. I think Beyonce had too much to drink this day. Look what's on her feet! The old and new queens in my brother's deck. Does that make sense? To me it does! Hee.


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