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Sunday, June 25

The Cuckoo Club

Homo Tendencies? Keese me you fool. Yes papi, but do you think we should face the cameras? Justin has a big one. Danielle Ditto claims to have been Justin Timberlake's first. She also said that Justin has a big one. Danielle is responding to comments Britney Spears made about Justin not being so huge. [source] Look at me with my moon shaped head and bad taste. Big bag! Not little. Step # 3 I think, below. Love the shoes Chloe. The dress should be in the garbage. Even Superman can't help you! The boots are some-what an atrocity, no?! Selma! WTF? This is Lindsay's worst picture ever! Eddie, don't look! You might loose interest. I don't know what look she was going for here. She needs a stylist pronto. Oh ma goh, what posessed me to use that word? (pronto) I hate that word. That will be the last time I use it. Big shoes, fat arms? Doesn't go with her thin legs ad flat belly. This girl definately needs bangs. Her forhead is huge. Handball anyone? [source]
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