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Wednesday, June 28

Bazar Britney

Britney is sick of the paparazzi taking her pic but for money...never. She will put on a smile if she gets paid for it like all the other celebs that claim to not like the cameras and the paparazzi. Wow, I can't believe how much bigger her thighs are compared to her belly. Her legs are pregnant, lol. Anybody would think the baby is growing in her thighs! Good cover-up here. She doesn't look pregnant. This is so NOT sexy! Being pregnant is NOT sexy at all. Well, it is literal, but you know what I mean.
Bazar magazine and Britney are the perfect match. This picture of Brit and the fish-net over her face is quite Bazar! No? What does it mean?
This is the nicest pic of her prego-self and her son. [source]
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