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Tuesday, July 4

The LOdown

A new look for Lindsay on her Birfday! Honey blonde, this time.
Uma Thurman and beau Andre Balazs on the beaches of Saint-Tropez. She returns to the big screen July 21 in the comedy My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Meg Ryan takes her clone, Daisy True on a shopping excursion in Santa Monica Saturday.
Free at last! My brother is happier than she is! She left the big house with white on. What's up with that? I think she's marrying her independence, yea, that's it.
Madonna and 9-year-old daughter Lourdes head to the Kabbalah Centre in New York City on Saturday. The pop diva is traveling the East Coast through the end of the month on her Confessions world tour.
Lindsay Lohan celebrates her 20th brithday with 50 pals in Malibu. The theme-dinner...The Great Gatsby, was shared with pals, including Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie and Eva Mendes. [source]
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