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Saturday, September 23

Kate Joins The Club

KATE BOSWORTH photo Kate it possible she can be skinnier than Nicole Ritchie? I think it is. So, yes. She has officially joined the skeleton club. Who else can we add to this list? Hm? Ok, here we go:
  • Nicole Ritchie
  • Kate Bosworth
  • Kiera Knightly
  • Victoria Beckham
  • And we can't forget Calista Flockhart(no pic avail.)
Ashlee Simpson Preps for Chicago | Ashlee Simpson
Ashlee Simpson is doing something different these days. Besides getting thinner soon to be on the sketeton Club list, she is preping to be Roxie Hart, who lives the highs and lows of celebritylife. She says she can relate: "The play is absolutely all about celebrityand wanting to be famous and having your name in the papers and
your picture in the papers," Simpson, 21, tells AP Radio. "And, in that sense, it's been kind of cool, because I've really got to connect to that, because I've seen that world and been in that world."
From the People Insider:
Her Son's Final Hours | Anna Nicole Smith

Her Son's Final Hours

Despite two autopsies, new details still don't answer why Anna Nicole Smith's son Daniel died a puzzling and unexpected death

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posted by Natalie at 4:03 PM


Mario Lopez keeps me inflamed with passion. Not only can the boy dance, he knows how to shake his ass to boot. Love him...

Ashley Simpson looks really cute in that pic. She actually doesn't look like herself any longer...

Kate Bosworth needs a burger right quick. And yes... she did join the skeleton club. What's up with the bones? Not purty...

Ed Bro

9/23/06, 5:26 PM  

Someone get those grrrls a sandwich, lol!

9/28/06, 4:39 PM  

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