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Saturday, September 9

Venice Glamour

Best of the Venice Film Fest | Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan attends the Venice Film Festival. She dresses as though she is getting married, not like she is at a film festival. White for Lindsay? I'd love to see what she wears when she does get hitched . She'll probably wear white to spite everyone. She'll pull a Madonna!
MAN MAGNET  photo Here she is in white again. She's been wearing this color lately. Perhaps she has marriage on the brain. I'll be the first to say she is getting married. That's my prediction for 2006. My second prediction...I'm going to win the lotto soon.
THE PROFESSIONALS photo My Josh Hartnett and Scarlett Johanson at the Venice Film Festival. They are dating in reality. Not good. She needs to bug..I mean fuck off!
How gorgeous does Diane Lane's dress look! I love the color as well as the design. She was also present for the Film Festival in Venice. Her movie The Hollywoodland looks like a movie worth watching.
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Josh and Scarlett are dating? I had no frickin' idea. I thought they just starred in the same movie. I guess he's interested in her Dalia...

Ed Bro

9/9/06, 11:17 PM  

Diane Lane looks hot for her age. She's a certified MILF...

That plumb dress fits her well too.

Ed Bro

9/9/06, 11:19 PM  

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