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Sunday, August 6

The Next Whitney. (So they say)

I came across a TMZ post on Britney and this is what they are saying about her:

The video of Britney and K-Fed that just surfaced on YouTube is incredible and revealing. We don't know when it was shot, but let's give Brit the benefit of the doubt and say it was before her pregnancies. What's so amazing about it is that just years before, no one was more focused on her career and single-minded than Miss Spears. She may not have been a city slicker, but she knew what she wanted and knew how to get it. If this video speaks any truth, it's that the brass ring isn't all it's cracked up to be. I wonder if Lindsay Lohan has looked at the video and if it had an impact on her? Maybe all of us end up reflecting about our lives at the kitchen table. It just seems like this one is so much more of a train wreck than most. I've always rooted for Britney. What I love about her is that she is so unaffected by her stardom and wealth. As crazy as things got for her over the last year, I still thought she'd have a huge comeback. I still hope that, but now I am not so sure.We want to hear from you - LITERALLY! Call TMZ's toll-free number 866-895-8877 and sound off (but not for more than 30 seconds)! Start with your name and tell us where you live.

Here is the link:

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