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Friday, July 21

My beloved has been spotted!  | Brad Pitt How can I pass up a Brad pic? Never.
After visiting hurricane-damaged New Orleans last week, Brad Pitt allows himself some R&R on Tuesday and motors over to Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica on his custom Ducati. The actor will start his first job since the birth of 2-month-old Shiloh, Ocean's Thirteen, next week.  | Christina Aguilera
Once upon a time, there were singers who hid there identity and just let their voice be known if they were f-ugly. Well...need I say more?  | Jude Law, Sienna Miller
The nanny cheater is with Sienna again. What are you thinking Sienna? Have you no moral and personal values you live by? Cheating with the nanny is the biggest no no in a relationship! Go find yourself a real man!  | Jessica Simpson
OMG! (I won't braek that down for the millionth time.) I can admit I became a fan of Jessica's when she had her reality tv show, but I will never express the excitement you feel like the girl in the back-ground holding her camera phone. Oh Jeez! My Lor!  | Lindsay Lohan Lindsay has a book in her hands! Let me guess, How To Be A Diva In 10 Days? Nope, it's 101 Things to Do Before You Die.  | David Spade, Heather Locklear David Spade gets around. Especially with the ex's of Tommy Lee. You Devil Dog you! Go David! Go David! David Spade and Heather Locklear are in sync after dining at Koi in Hollywood on Wednesday. Last weekend she helped him celebrate his 42nd birthday with famous pals including Lindsay Lohan and Chris Rock – and gave him a $5,000 gold-and-diamond skull necklace.
Jessica's Hot July: Coast to Coast | Jessica Simpson Watch A Public Affair at your own risk...of being bored! All you see is Jessica's face up close...too close. The video premiered on TRL yesterday. They could have done much better. I won't even provide a link. It blows. [source]
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