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Thursday, July 20

Another day, another baby...   Britney Spears
Britney is like...Oh my god! I can't believe I'm pregnant again! Only this time my Kevy isn't around as much as I'd like. And to top it off, I have to spend the day with this dork-wod. Maybe I should take his credtit cards away and ban him from his favorite wife beaters. Better yet, I'll secretly edit his soon-to-be released album and remove the duet I did with him!
  Uma Thurman
Check out my super dress on this super day on my super premier of my super movie called My Super Ex-Girlfriend. OOps! I forgot, this is me on a super day outside the Late Show studio in New York City.
Jessica on TRL, debuting her new video A Public Affair.   Jessica Simpson Jessica actually looks a bit heavier here. Can you imagine, a celebrity eating and not puking it? Jessica is replacing Nick with food. Hee. On her way in to the TRL studio.   Jessica Simpson Oh Ma Goh!
Her twin is shopping with a big fake smile for the paparazzi. Jessica is stealing all her food. Ashley looks bony...unusually bony. [source]
  Ashlee Simpson
posted by Natalie at 11:38 PM


I loved the shizz you wrote about Jessica Simpson. I had the giggles to the point of spasms. She did get a bit thicker didn't she...

The pics look great... from right to left... left to right. I exceptionally like the way you wrote the lines too. It's gives the site a nice look overall. And most of all... it's YOUR style. I haven't seen ANY other site with that style. Fucking beautiful yo.

7/21/06, 10:00 AM  

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