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Monday, July 17

Celeb Juice

OMG! It is A Different World for the cast of the '80s campus sitcom (from back row, left) – Sinbad, Dawnn Lewis, Darryl M. Bell, Kadeem Hardison, Cree Summer, Lisa Bonet, Debbie Allen and Jasmine Guy – who reunited at a TV press tour in Pasadena on Thursday. The show, which ran from '87-'93, begins airing on Nick at Night July 22. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tommy Lee has crossed the line. Dave Navarro already has a "Homio" tendency, but Tommy, WTF?!!!!! They're not Hollywood's latest hookup, but Rock Star: Supernova's Dave Navarro and Tommy Lee do get their licks in Thursday at The Roxy in Hollywood. Nick Lachey – who did a six-episode stint on Charmed – meets up with former witchy woman Alyssa Milano over lunch at Hollywood's Sky Bar on Thursday. Gwen Stefani leaves 1-month-old Kingston at home as she makes a stylish reunion with frequent collaborator Eve (not pictured) at a Hollywood recording studio on Thursday. Little by little, Gwen is getting back to her old self. Leave the Gaishia attire home Gwen, please!
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