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Thursday, July 13

Celeb Juice

Liv and her mysterious blonde baby boy Milo. How do brunnette parents spawn a platinum blonde haired boy?????????????????? Liv has a secret...oooooow. Gwen takes her King on a few errands in style.
Check out the kid in the background...he's in shock. His baby eyes are looking quite amused, lol. Let me explain: Denise Richards gives mundane errands (such as picking up her dry cleaning and gassing up her car) a glamorous disco-era twist for a photo shoot Friday in Los Angeles.
Nick and Vanessa keep it casual and low key as they leave a Bel Air restaurant. Poor kid. Cute kid, Caleb...ugly father. There goes that wife beater tank again. Lindsay looks hairy in the leg Ugly shades dork! Lindsay and new beau dork wadd at the new Disneyland's Pirates of the Carribean ride in Anaheim, Calif., on Saturday.
Buds, Mathew, Jakey and Lance pose for a pic at the *&^&^@*^*#&!*@#awards, who knows at this point. There are so many award shows...does it matter? Anyways, here they are damnet!
Mathew McConnauhy and Lance Armstrong jogging special! All in a day... with pal Liv Tyler at a party thrown for the You, Me and Dupree star by Allure magazine. Kate's day out...with many outfit exchanges. Here, she appears on MTV"S TRL. Three outfits in one day. How "Celebrity" like. Kate does The Today show and The Early Show in one day. [source]
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"Lindsay looks hairy in the leg..."
I loved it. She really does look a bit fuzzy doesn't she? I almost pee'd.

7/15/06, 6:09 PM  

Who knew Denise Richards had such purty legs? I didn't. I guess whenever she stood next to that Sheen prick, his barfugly face kept me distracted.

7/15/06, 6:10 PM  

Jakey, Matthew and Lance...

Jakey and Matthew I can see messing around. But Lance can go take a looooong ride off a short pier.

7/15/06, 6:18 PM  

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