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Wednesday, July 12

Where Are They Now?

After turning down the $100,000 seed money from winning Runway to start his own fashion line ("I can't talk about it – I'll probably get sued," he says), the outspoken winner will finally debut his spring-summer 2007 collection at New York Fashion Week in September. "I took my time," the 31-year-old says. And though he lives in New York City, he doesn't exactly have a home base. "I'm kind of a squatter," he says. "All of my money went into this business."
CHLOE DAO Season 2
Dao, 34, is still enjoying the perks of winning Project Runway, such as being the guest of honor at a Hard Rock party in Las Vegas recently. "I was like, 'I'm a little bit of Paris Hilton. I'm being paid to party!'" But it's more work than play these days: The designer, who dates mortgage broker Kenneth Pursley and still lives at home with Mom, is busy expanding her Houston boutique Lot 8. "I'm married to my work."
Model Hedi Klum and Tim Gunn reunite for the launch party for season 3 of Project Runway. Oh ma goh! Jessica turns 26. Here, she is relaxing in Cabo San Lucs, Mexico. Her mom and Stylist joined her. Also, she will be hosting the Teen Choice Awards. Nick will be strutting the runway at the awards show, so they might bump into eachother. [source]
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