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Tuesday, July 11

Johnny Depp Loves Barbie

Here is a post by Mr M. on Depp, the Homio! Love it, hilarious!

Johnny Depp has a son and a daughter and has admitted that through them he has learned the joys of Barbie. He confessed that playing these bimbo dolls has become one of his favorite things to do. "I do like playing with Barbies. It's a great thing to do with your kids.

"Once, I was exploring different characters with the Barbies and my daughter didn't like it. At one point she said, 'Dad, please just stop, don't do that, just do your regular voice'."

What a fag! OMG, why couldn't I have had a father like that? I was that little boy that played with Barbie dolls all by himself. If only Johnny was there to be the voice of the brunette one. I mean, who wants to be the brunette?
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