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Friday, July 14

Reopening That Closet

Apparently all is forgiven: The Emmy-nominated episode will repeat Wednesday, and Parker and Stone are laying out plans for a new seven-episode Park run starting Oct. 4. Would they really have quit? "I don't know if we would have totally not worked on South Park ever again," Stone told TV writers at their semiannual gathering. "But we have a couple of movies with Viacom, and it's tough to go work for people you think may be holding one of your episodes hostage. But that's sort of water under the bridge now."

To be fair, official word from Comedy Central is that Closet was not pulled, it just didn't make it into the repeat rotation. Stone and Parker say they believe Viacom yanked the episode under pressure from Cruise, star of the company's Mission: Impossible franchise. "We can't think of any other reason," Parker says. Cruise has denied it.


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