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Wednesday, April 26


I'm completely and utterly enamored with Jake. Way before any Brokeback Mountain, and light years before Jarhead, I had this creepy yet satisfying love for this guy. Maybe it's his unconventional looks that has me floored, or maybe it's his corky wide-mouthed grin that has me completely smitten. Whatever the reason, I've been following this dude for some time now. He's managed to pop up on countless internet gossip sites and his pics are scattered all over television and computer screens around the world. His popularity (thanks in part to the epic and wonderful Brokeback Mountain) has grown to new heights and it pisses me off that I have to share my Jakey with millions of brainless fans who don't even know anything about him. I find that when I dive head first into a fatal attraction, soon after...everyone jumps in to follow suit. Blah!! Jakey and I will be moving to a remote location on some island off the Pacific. This way no other lemming will come between our unrequited love.
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