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Thursday, April 27


Kevin and Britney were in Las Vegas for Kevin's listening party at the Pure night club for his single "America's most Hated". That's right, as a matter of fact. Mostly hated, from what I hear and see. The absence of Britney only means she's fat and prego again. Why do these celebrities try to hide things? They are so full of themselves. They have to know, becoming an actor or singer involves all the hype and paparazzi and shit. Ya know, why do I even post them here, lol. I guess bad is good too.
posted by Natalie at 11:20 AM


Hey Nat, love the Britney article. Kevin can go take a flying fuck off a pier for all I care. Love ya sissy!!

4/27/06, 12:13 PM  

Hey Eddie I agree totally, lol.

4/27/06, 12:22 PM  

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